Fridays For Future .Org

Fridays For Future .Org

Throughout 8 months during 2019-2020, I took part in the redesign and relaunch of, the website of the Fridays For Future Movement

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This website serves a lot of purposes. For one, it is the main face of the FFF online presence, giving the uninitiated a clear view of what people, opinions and ideas make up the movement. It also serves as a hub, connecting strikes throughout the world via the and other features.

Redesigning the website allowed the movement to up its online presence to the max, making their voices heard and spreading its message. And an important message at that.

During this project, I was responsible for overall development coordination and server administration, and after launch, I’ve worked with patching, feature improvements and amendments, alongside the sysadmin work; setting up and running the server infrastructure.

The old home pageThe new home page
The old home page, next to the new

Prototype designs of the website, printed on paper.Prototype designs of the website, printed on paper.Digital prototype of the home page.
Many prototypes were made, before settling on the final design.

The website site-map, pages are represented by boxes connected with lines.
Every step of the process involved a lot of planning, here is the initial sitemap.