Auroramålet 1.0

Aurora­målet 1.0

Taking the Swedish Government to court

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The design is inspired by an already existing graphic, leaning on the butterfly silouette and blue gradient for a simple, yet expressive look. I took inspiration from the already existing logo, using and extending the colour palette, but paying attention to keep it simple. Simplicity was important in this design, content first and relatively few elements. This also makes the site scale easily to different screen sizes, with very little work needed to make it fit on mobile screens as well as desktop monitors.

For the development, I used the React based framework GatsbyJS, which makes generating static sites super simple, making the site extremely performant and easy to host, with only the occational rebuild taking a few minutes.

Using React also means both a modern website and a fluid and comfortable development experience.

SASS makes styling equally fun, utilizing CSS modules for scoped styling.

The content is all handled by WordPress, using the brilliant WPGraphQL and gatsby-source-wordpress plugins.